Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kylee's Back!!!!

Well we are finally back and ready to reprt on Kylee's View! There hasn't been a lack of pictures from our budding photographer ... just a lack of time. : ) We are going to try and post her pictures monthly ... we will see what happens.

So here is a look at January 2012! (comments from the photographer will be in italics.)

It's a picture of all my friends. Daddy and Ryland setted them up with me.
It's a picture of Kenzie.
That's a picture of Ryland pointing.
That's a picture of my foot.
That's a picture of a squirrel when I was at a big park. (We were at the Dinosaur Park in Ashburn.)
That's a picture of a B in the trees. (When we were walking on one of the trails at the park, Kylee said, "Hey Mommy that look like a B.")


  1. Kylee,
    I loved the pictures on your blog! I can't believe you spotted that B in the tree!
    Did you take all of these pictures?? They are really great and I loved looking at them!! I hope there will be more!
    Nana XO

  2. Kylee,
    What a great collection of pictures. I love the one with all your firends. But the one that really caught my eye was the one that looks like an insect. I can't believe that you saw that in the tree. I will be looking forward to more pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    Love ya