Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kylee's Back!!!!

Well we are finally back and ready to reprt on Kylee's View! There hasn't been a lack of pictures from our budding photographer ... just a lack of time. : ) We are going to try and post her pictures monthly ... we will see what happens.

So here is a look at January 2012! (comments from the photographer will be in italics.)

It's a picture of all my friends. Daddy and Ryland setted them up with me.
It's a picture of Kenzie.
That's a picture of Ryland pointing.
That's a picture of my foot.
That's a picture of a squirrel when I was at a big park. (We were at the Dinosaur Park in Ashburn.)
That's a picture of a B in the trees. (When we were walking on one of the trails at the park, Kylee said, "Hey Mommy that look like a B.")

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jack's T-Ball Game!

This picture is of Jack's Big Baseball Game (apparently similar to Jack's Big Music Show ... ha!)

Grandad looking at the baseball game.

Jack looking at me and doing baseball.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kylee's First Shoot!

Here is Kylee's first set of pictures. I asked her to tell me what she took a picture of ... so these are her descriptions. : )

"That a little part of our yard. From when I playing outside with Daddy."

"That thing on the rug. The spray." (She then made the spraying sound and motion.) : )

"I taking picture of Sid."

"I taking a picture of Ryland playing Elmo on the computer."

Kylee's View

Kylee has become pretty interested and excited about taking pictures lately. She now has her own real camera to use and she loves it. We thought it would be fun to share some of her pictures on her own special blog. She really likes to look at our family blog and see all the pictures so she was pretty excited when we talked about her having a blog for all of her pictures. Enjoy and thanks for reading! : )